27 September 2013,

google-pagerank2It has been an on going debate about how much your Google pagerank (PR) will effect your position in Google’s search engine results page (SERP). The truth is that your PR doesn’t relate to your SERP position, but instead has to do with advertising on your site.

The PR score you receive for your site is determined mainly by the amount of total backlinks your page is getting while your SERP ranking is based on your site rank for individual keywords. For example, if you have 10 different keywords with 100 backlinks for each on the site, your PR would show 1,000 backlinks. However, when it comes to your SERP position, they are going to count 100 backlinks for the particular keywords. So if you were going to add an 11th keyword with 100 backlinks, it would increase your PR score, but do nothing for the SERP rank of the previous 10 keywords.

So unless you main goal is to host paid advertising, or to sell your site, then paying attention to your PR is not going to help your SEO goals and SERP rankings. Focus more on having relevant content in your pages with backlinks that target quality keywords you would like to be found by.

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