2 October 2013
2 October 2013,

ssl-onlyAs you may or may have not noticed, Google has decided to redirect everyone to their Secure Search (SSL) whether you are logged into your Google account or not. For the average internet user this sort of change goes by unnoticed since the search page looks the same and the only change to the URL is the http changes to https.

Forcing users to use an SSL connection used to be mainly used for our own protection when having to enter a login and password to enter a site. If a site doesn’t force you to use SSL then anyone on your network can easily grab your login and password when you enter it by just using a simple browser plug-in and you wouldn’t even be able to tell. So if this change adds an extra level of security without effecting the user experience, how could this be anything but good?

Well for one it allows Google to control who gets to see which terms are being used and how often people were using them. Prior to this change, various web sites were able to validate how often keywords were being searched for and even narrow it down to your general location. This data is helpful to any size businesses who wants to know how their potential customers are searching  online for their products and services. So now it is more important than ever to go with a trusted and ranked SEO company to make sure your customers can easily find you online and ahead of your competitors.