29 October 2013

Google’s new hummingbird engine now review focused and conversational based

29 October 2013,

Almost all internet users use Google products on a daily basis. Whether it’s Gmail for their online email account or Google maps to find […]

16 October 2013

Google Glass Next-Gen Release Planned for 2014

16 October 2013,

Getting your hands on a pair of Google Glass to transform our every day life into as close to a video game as possible […]

4 October 2013

Adobe Hacked. Source code and personal info for 2.9 million users accessed.

4 October 2013,

Adobe has confirmed that source code for many of their products and personal info for over 2.9 million users have been stolen during a […]

2 October 2013

Google SSL Secure Search Now Default For Everyone

2 October 2013,

As you may or may have not noticed, Google has decided to redirect everyone to their Secure Search (SSL) whether you are logged into […]

27 September 2013

Does your Page Rank effect your Search Engine Results?

27 September 2013,

It has been an on going debate about how much your Google pagerank (PR) will effect your position in Google’s search engine results page […]